Product Spotlight: LED Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

The present component is one of our generally famous under bureau light installations, and incidentally turns out to be 10% off right now here at Bbier! The LED Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights come in 4 lengths and 2 completions, so you’ll have the option to discover one to suit your careful necessities. What’s more, […]

Achieve Language Academy CFL Highbay to LED Case Study

Customer Profile: Achieve Language Academy is a free, public constitution college positioned in St. Paul, Minnesota. Achieve is constructed on the subsequent beliefs: Good colleges rework communities Community is created with the aid of using shared values and not unusualplace goals All youngsters can examine and achieve Education is vital to a satisfying life Goal: […]

Circadian Lighting in 2019

The subject matter of Circadian Lighting is still a warm one withinside the international of lighting fixtures. The functionality and manage we’ve got over LED grows with the aid of using the day, even as on the identical time research expand concerning how lighting fixtures influences our Circadian Rhythm. Throughout the hundreds of thousands of […]

Replace Halogen AR111 with Vivid LED AR111

Despite the emergence of LED, Halogen AR111 lamps had been one of the vintage fashion lamps that had no LED substitute. That became till Bbier evolved a dimmable LED AR111 lamp. In standard Bbier style their LED AR111 lamps are of the very best quality, presenting unrivaled CBCP (Center-beam Candle Power) and CRI/R9 values for […]

First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Dimmable LED Retrofit Case Study

Customer Profile: First Presbyterian Church in White Bear Lake has been an imperative a part of the Christian network withinside the White Bear Lake place seeing that 1864. In May 2014 the church celebrated one hundred fifty years of ministry to the neighborhood network. In addition to church services, the constructing is host to a […]

3D Printed Lighting

The increase of 3-D Printing in production has led the Lighting Research Center to start a few exploratory studies in how this can effect and advantage the lighting fixtures enterprise. 3-D printing has already hit numerous industries already to enhance popular production. Despite the complexity of 3-D printers, all 3-D printers are primarily based totally […]

180° LED T8 Sign Tubes

Off the heels of the award-prevailing 360º lamps, Bbier Technologies has launched a a hundred and eighty° LED lamp. While the authentic 360 Degree ought to paintings in any sign, those a hundred and eighty Degree lamps are designed to be greater green for programs in which mild is best wished on one cease of […]

Church School Gymnasium Lighting Case Study: Retrofit from CFL to LED

Customer Profile: St. Casimir Parish of St. Paul changed into hooked up in 1892. The first constructing housed each a church and a college. A new Romanesque church changed into blessed through Archbishop John Ireland in 1904. The present day college changed into constructed in 1960. Goal: In 2015, Bbier Lighting finished an LED retrofit […]

Bbier Type C LumenChoice LED T8 System Arrives

The arrival of Bbier’s LumenChoice system in Q1 2019 continues a recent trend in LED tubes and LED lighting in general. This trend involves giving the end user more control over their products and in turn simplifying the ordering process. Prior to the LumenChoice system, those who opted for a Type C LED T8 retrofit had […]

Bbier Emergency LED T8 Tube with 90 Minute Battery

Advances remain made in LED Emergency Lighting and in all likelihood the fine Emergency LED tube alternative has arrived. It is the Bbier LED Emergency tube which acts as a trendy 15W 1890 lumen LED T8 (to be had in 3000K as much as 5000K). But whilst the electricity is out, the battery backup is […]

Replacing Low Watt HID with 120-277V LED A23 & A25 Lamps

Replacing low watt HID (50W-150W) in bollards and put up tops has been a tough venture in the main because of length obstacles inside the fixture. But now there are excessive powered 277V LED A21, LED A23, and LED A25 lamps designed with a smaller shape issue than usual LED Cobs, permitting them to in […]

New 8′ LED-Ready Strip Fixture replacing 8′ Fluorescent Case Study

Customer Profile: For over 70 years, Reviva has been supplying nice remanufactured engines and engine components. They are a family-owned and operated employer that has grown from a small single focused organization into the most important independently owned diesel engine remanufacturer in North America supplying the widest breadth of product discovered anywhere. Goal: Sometimes it’s […]

How To Light A Romantic Film Scene

Love is noticeable all around, which has gotten me to pondering lighting. (Then again, what season doesn’t do that?) If Valentine’s Day consistently gives you a craving to pop Gone With the Wind or your #1 romantic comedy into the DVD player, have you at any point pondered what goes into making those heartfelt movies? […]

LEDs Allow New Method of Data Transmission

At the University of Strathclyde, analysts are creating little LEDs that can convey Wi-Fi-like web access. Called Li-Fi (short for Light Fidelity), this framework can possibly send information a few times quicker than whatever we’re utilized to. Teacher Martin Dawson and his group made little LEDs, each with regards to the size of a finish […]

Product Spotlight: Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

It’s week 2 of our new Product Spotlight series. Each Thursday here on the blog, we will include a new, well known, or downright clever light apparatus. We’ll assist you with learning things like how it functions, how to introduce it, and the advantages of utilizing it. Thus, moving along… Certainly, this inhabitance sensor’s nondescript form probably […]

LED Rebates For 2013

Considering exchanging your commercial lighting to LEDs this year? Figure out how to benefit from lighting discounts and motivators. Have you gone out on the town to shop for new lights or apparatuses of late? In the event that the appropriate response is indeed, you’re presumably mindful that LED lighting choices have immersed the market as energy […]

Lighting Wins and Losses From Super Bowl XLVII

All things considered, they disclosed to us the previous Super Bowl would be the greenest one to date, however they neglected to make reference to that as a component of the arrangement to save energy they planned to turn the lights out in the subsequent half. Simply joking. The current year’s Super Bowl may go […]

Your Guide to Perfect Valentine’s Lighting

It’s February as of now, which implies Valentine’s Day isn’t far away. In case you’re arranging something uncommon for your extraordinary somebody you ought to recollect that nothing says “Love Me Tender” like some steamy state of mind lighting. For an affectionate evening in, it’s dependent upon you to make the ideal environment for the […]

Sunshine And Your Health: An Infographic

We consider light beautiful significant here Bbier. For quite a long time, we could bore you about LED advancements and fluorescent establishments. Despite the fact that picking the right under bureau light is significant, and realizing how to put your recessed jars is fundamental, there is no light as crucial to the human body as […]

The Difference Between LEDs and CFLs: Efficiency

This is the principal post in a fresh out of the box new series about the vital contrasts between conservative fluorescent lights (CFLs), the light wellspring of the present, and light-producing diodes (LEDs), the light wellspring of things to come. We’ll address things like design, capacity, and quality, so you can stay aware of the […]